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First Prize: Viktória Kurina


Violinist Kurina Viktória, born on May 9th, 1995 in Subotica, Serbia began her violin studies at the age of seven. She finished her elementary school and High School in Subotica, Serbia where she was studying under Professor Miloš Nikolić. She is currently studying Violin at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz, Austria under Professor Albert Fischer where she started her studies in 2013.

In the year 2003, aged 8, she won the Laureate prize at the international Competition Stringfest in Serbia, Sremka Mitrovica. In the following year she did a seminar with Dejan Mihajlović, Irina Jasvila, and Maria Spengler. In 2005 she had her first solo concert in Novi Sad with chamber orchestra.

Because of her artistic maturity, Kurina won many prizes in the later years. In 2007 she won the third place at the international Competition Jaroslav Kocian in the Czech Republic. Three years later she won the first place at the national Competition in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2014 she became the winner of International Competition New European Talents in Váši Přihody, Czech Republic. Because she won the first place, she had an opportunity to play a solo concert with Wien Klangvereinigung Orchestra which took place in Stift Lambach in 2016 where she played Beethoven`s Violin concerto op. 61. Later that year she played at Prima La Musica International Competition with the Trio (Trio 2016plus). They won the first place, and also won a concert in Malta at Gozo Islands and a concert in Wels, where they got the Club Kiwanis prize. This Competition earned them a special prize for the best modern composition.

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