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First Prize

receives a diploma and a painting from Mikhaïl Bezverkhni

Second Prize

receives a diploma and a collection of recordings made by Jury members

(personally signed)

third Prize

receives a diploma and a cash prize of  150€

Honorable Mention

Receives a diploma


The only discipline is violin:
subdivisions are:
  • classical violin:
    • solo repertoire​
    • violin - piano repertoire
    • violin and accompaniment  ( guitar etc.)
    • violin in trio, quartett, quintett, etc...
  • Gipsy violin 
  • Jazz violin


  • this competition does not give any age limit 
  • this competition is international, hence there are no restrictions to your nationality 
  • from every contestant we do need a birth certificate, or a copy of ID, or a copy of their passport.
  • this competition has only one round, all of which happening online.
  • contestants need to upload their video and send us the link through the application page.
  • the video may only be a maximum of 15 minutes long.
  • deadline for inscription, payment and video-uploading is 30th of november 2023.
  • from 1 till 15 december the jury will decide who will receive the prizes. Only after the 15th of december, you will be notified.
  • no explanation will be given onto the decision of the jury. We are confident that every contestant acknowledges the artistry of our jury members and follows there opinion.
  • your inscription is only valid after the payment of 150€ per inscription, no difference is made by subdivision (duo, trio etc.). this means that as a trio you pay the same amount as a soloist, because only the violinist of a trio will be judged upon...
  • the payment is non refundable.
  • Second and third prizes, as well as honorable mentionings, have the right to withhold there video from the general public. this means that after the jury selected them, they still can opt to keep there video private.
  • previous first prize winners can not inscribe again.
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